Early Childhood Conference

Girl laying on her stomach reading a book outside with her friends.

Take your learning to a new level with a Zoom conference designed to help you create and move in your own living room! Do you find yourself living in a stress-filled and hectic life? We often find ourselves in a hurry to do and achieve so many things – trying to balance work, family, social lives and more. It is time to start taking care of YOU! Please join us for the Mind, Body and Soul virtual conference. You will enjoy the hands-on activities and mindfulness activities that are not only for you but also for the children you care for. The cost of the conference is $15.00. 

These classes are accepted in Nebraska, Iowa, Georgia and South Dakota.

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Conference Schedule (4 hrs)

Saturday, February 26, 2022

All 4 classes on February 26 are required

8:00 AM to 9:00 AM CST

Good Morning! Let's Wake Up Our Senses

Breakfast is a way to start your day! During our session we will create a delicious breakfast that could also be used as a snack. We will also do a taste testing with mindfulness to see how taking a little time can help you enjoy your food and use your senses.

Class Objective: 
  • Participants will make a healthy recipe and gain nutrition resources that can help you in your role as a Child Care Provider
Kayla Hinrichs Portrait.
Kayla HinrichsExtension Educator for Nebraska Extension focusing on Food, Nutrition & Health

9:10 AM to 10:10 AM CST

Using Storybooks to Build Resiliency

Read for Resilience was designed to support adults in promoting young children’s resilience and coping after experiencing a difficult or stressful event. Attendees will be introduced to engaging storybooks with themes of coping, ideas for prompts and activities, and discover firsthand how to bring Read for Resilience into their setting. 

Class Objective: 
  • Describe the purpose of Read for Resilience and determine how the program can be adopted in their childcare setting
  • Explain why storybooks are good tools for supporting children’s language and literacy
Jackie Steffen Portrait.
Jackie SteffenNebraska Extension Early Childhood Educator

10:20 AM to 11:20 AM CST

Connected and Present – Using Mindfulness with Young Children

Holly will provide a general overview of mindfulness, the benefits of practicing mindfulness, and some practical strategies and resources to implement with the young children in your care.

Class Objective: 
  • Understanding the benefits of mindfulness
  • Ways to practice mindfulness with children in early care and education settings
Holly Hatton-Bowers Portrait.
Holly Hatton-BowersAssistant Professor and Early Childhood Extension Specialist, UNL

11:30 AM to 12:30 PM CST

Moving Mindfully with Children

Modeling mindful movement enriches adult-child interactions and provides emotional and physical benefits to both. We will experiment with different types of movement and apply mindfulness concepts to each.

Class Objective: 
  • Participants will know how to apply mindfulness strategies to their own movement
  • Participants will be ready to practice 2-3 mindful movement activities with children
Erin Kampbell Portrait.
Erin KampbellNebraska Extension Educator—Early Childhood

Homework (2 hrs)


Follow-Up (2 hrs)

Monday, March 28, 2022


6:30 PM to 8:30 PM CDT

The interconnectedness of social-emotional and physical development and how we can encourage both

Often times we look at how to impact different areas of development individually not realizing how linked different areas of development actually are. This session will focus on learning about how children’s social-emotional and physical development are linked along with ways we can ‘get more bang for our buck’ to encourage both!

Class Objective: 
  • Identify 3 ways that social-emotional and physical development are connected
  • Develop activities that support social-emotional and physical activity for the age group you work with
Dr. Danae Dinkel Portrait.
Dr. Danae DinkelAssociate Professor - College of Education - University of Nebraska at Omaha

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