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Tinkering helps children to understand you have to fail a few times, sometimes many times, in order to get the right answer. 

It is a safe way for children to go through the process of trial and error – which is an experience that children need, to develop the kind of higher-order thinking skills necessary in our rapidly changing world.

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LaDonna Werth Portrait.
LaDonna WerthExtension Educator, UNL
Lisa Poppe Portrait.
Lisa PoppeExtension Educator, UNL
Soo-Young Hong, Ph.D. Portrait.
Soo-Young Hong, Ph.D.Assistant Professor, Department of Child, Youth and Family Studies, UNL
Nebraska Core Competencies: 
Planning Learning Experiences and Curriculum Competencies
Child Development Subject Area: 
Steps to advance children's physical and intellectual development
2 Service Credit Hours in Nebraska, South Dakota, and Georgia
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