Learning in the Heartland

Virtual Field Trip Program for Early Childhood

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Bring books to life with virtual field trips and activities.

These short exciting field trips help inspire questions, problem-solving, and observation to help children remember concepts longer.

This program provides all caregivers, preschool teachers, and parents with books, virtual tours, art, and physical activities along with music. We hope you enjoy this website to access high-quality content with curated books and activities for extending children’s learning on about community helpers and services. Children will demonstrate an increased familiarity with doctors, police officers, firefighters, veterinarians, and greenhouse managers through developmentally appropriate indicators.

Fire Drill Book Cover.

Fire Drill

By Paul DuBois Jacobs
and Jennifer Swender

Let’s explore fire drills and meet a firefighter!

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Patrolling Police Cars Book Cover.

Patrolling Police Cars

By Tony Mitton

Let’s learn about a police car and meet a police person!

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Planting a Rainbow Book Cover.

Planting a Rainbow

By Lois Ehlert

Let’s learn how to plant a seed and visit a greenhouse.

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Go to the Doctor Book Cover.

Go to the Doctor

By Stan & Jan Berenstain

Let’s explore a doctor's office and meet a nurse.

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Viscuit Visits the Doctor Book Cover.

Biscuit Visits the Doctor

By Gina Bellisario

Let's explore a veterinarian's office and meet the staff.

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Learning in the Heartland Resources

This program is available as a supplement for preschool teachers and caregivers based on their current curriculum and for families to engage in conversation with their children.

You will find:

  • Teacher Outlines
  • Virtual Field Trip
  • Story Book Reading
  • Physical Activity
  • Hands On Activity
  • Music
  • Center Activity Ideas
  • Family Letter

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