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Parents and caregivers will find many lessons that children can Discover & Design as a family or in a group setting. These one-page lessons have everything you need to introduce the activity, gather materials and view step by step instructions. We hope you enjoy working together with the young children in your life. 

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Watermelon Paver

You can't have summer without a juicy slice of watermelon.  During this activity, children will develop their decision-making skills and hand-eye coordination as they paint their own one-of-a-kind watermelon to proudly display.

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Glitter Bottle

Mindfulness is the practice of being fully in the moment.  It means slowing down to really notice what you are doing.  Noticing how your body feels and what you see, taste, and smell.  Children who are taught and practice mindfulness strategies are better able to self-regulate, have improved social skills, sleep better, and demonstrate higher self-esteem.

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Solar Oven S'mores

You don't need to build a campfire to get gooey s'mores.  Just tap into the sun, the fuel source that people around the world use to power solar ovens.  Here's an easy model that will let you catch enough backyard rays to cook the most delicious s'mores!

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Ladybug Paver

Children are naturally curious and interested in insects.  Adults tend to err on the side of caution, discouraging this curiosity suggesting that insects are dangerous and will bite or sting.  During this activity, children will discover the amazing benefits of ladybugs as they create their own one-of-a-kind ladybug to display proudly.

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My Family

A family is made up of people that we love and that we often live with.  Explain that any number of people can belong to a family.  Creating a family tree is a great way to learn about your extended family. This activity helps children understand that every family is unique and special, especially their own!

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Pool Noodle Airplane

Encourage children's thinking to take flight as you introduce them to aviation.  Whether it is a kite, parachute, rocket, or airplane children enjoy creating and testing flying objects.  In this activity, children will design their own airplane and explore the mechanics of flight.  Create a supportive environment where children can be resilient and explore the possibilities of flight!

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Hedgehog Woodworking

Woodworking is a valuable skill and this is a great project for anyone wanting to get started in woodworking. During this project, children will develop their decision-making skills, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills as they create a one-of-a-kind hedgehog to proudly display.

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Dream Catcher

Dream catchers are commonly known to catch bad dreams, only letting the good thoughts and dreams come through. When the sun rises, all the bad dreams disappear. During this project children will create a unique dream catcher that catches only their hopes and dreams. This project is great to do at the begining of a new year.

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Paintbrush Santa

Ho! Ho! Ho! Nothing is more satisfying than using ordinary household items and a few craft supplies to create a fun and whimsical holiday ornament. In this project, children will use a paintbrush and transform it into a Santa Claus ornament that can be displayed during the holiday season or gifted to someone special.

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Pool Noodle Horse

Yee-haw! Your little wranglers will love creating their very own stick horse out of a pool noodle. This project requires adult supervision and guidance. Consider turning this project into a family engagement event. As children gallop and play with their new horses, they will have fun, release energy, reduce stress, and burn calories.

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Introducing young children to famous artists and their
artwork helps build a sense of art appreciation and
sparks their curiosity and creativity. In this lesson,
children will explore the work of Louise Nevelson and
create their very own unique assemblage (sculpture).

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Snowman Lantern

Recycle, reduce, and reuse! This is a great way to create a unique winter decoration using milk jugs. Children love being a part of the decorating process and having their artwork on display.

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Four-Leaf Clover

Children will have fun learning about primary and secondary colors and color mixing as they discover how easy it is to create their very own four-leaf clover. This is a great lesson to talk about the art elements of line, shape, and color.


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Pour Painting

Introducing young children to famous artists and their artwork helps build a sense of art appreciation and sparks their curiosity and creativity. In this lesson, children will explore the work of Emma Lindstrom and create their very own abstract canvas using pour painting techniques.

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Roly Poly Round-Up

While sometimes mistaken for insects, isopods are actually a group of crustaceans that have adapted to life on land. They have hard exoskeletons that look like armor on their segmented body.

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Wildlife Diorama

Animals, just like people, need several things in order to survive.  Food, water, shelter, and space are vital for an animal to live successfully in its environment.  Different animals live in different habitats such as the ocean, desert, tundra, rainforest, river, etc.

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